Old technology

So I rocked up to present on day two of my block course, very under prepared. Due to marking pressure and other lifes little happenings I had not previewed the lecture power point on medical conditions and made the compulsory tailor made changes that every lecturer does, to put their own little touch in place. Twenty minutes before the lecture started I was in a haze as to what to do. There was simply not enough time to familiarize myself with the content, let alone personalize it. Then it dawned on me…..the reverse classroom. Instead of new technology I reached for the good old textbook…well actually 8 of them, a bunch of coloured whiteboard markers and some giant post it presentation pads. Instead of talking to them about it, I decided each group would research a disease process and then present it to the rest of the class. I breathed a big sigh of relief.

The process went much better than expected. The students were really engaged and all worked well as a group. While there were holes in the information, given they only had an hour to research the topic (from text books or any online material), on the whole it was well done. I simply sat back and filled in those gaps. It probably worked even better than if I had just tried to present it from a power point slide. Some technologies never go out of fashion đŸ™‚



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